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California ABC Licensing Approval & Public Notice of Application

Step 5: Schedule Final Inspection

Putting in your application and securing property is only part of what needs to be done.  The ABC final inspection to obtain a California liquor license requires compliance with all the federal and local rules.  You will need to post a letter of intent for the business that allows the public a chance to have a say before the license will be granted.

This means that at least 30 days before you are due to open you must post a sign that the public can see and allow them time to air protests if deemed necessary.  Often times the ABC final inspection to obtain your liquor license is longer then 90 days so all your legal requirements must remain flexible enough to deal with the unexpected steps for final approval.

Before making an appointment to do the ABC final inspection  have all the federal special occupational tax stamps, permits, and local zoning requirements taken care of.  If you are unsure about meeting all these steps call the business experts at 800-846-0064.